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Della institution Morale. Ne quali egli levando le cose souerchie, & aggiugnendo molt importanti, ...

Francesco Ziletti, in Venetia 1583, in-4 (14x20cm), (40) 559pp., relié.

New edition after the original from Zilotti in 1560 Rare. Parchment full contemporary. Spine ribbed Jansenist. Title pen. A wetness mid footer current and fading on the first 15 sheets. Alessandro Piccolimini (1508-1579) of Siena, was an important Italian Renaissance humanist, he was both an [...]

800 €

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Louis-Antoine Marquis de CARACCIOLI

L'univers énigmatique

Chez Nyon, à Paris 1766, Un Vol. in 12 (17x10cm), xviij, 211pp., relié.

New edition. Full Calf blond glossy contemporary. Smooth back decorated. Upper cap threadbare. Gaps on the flat at the place of borders. Polygraph and philosopher, the Marquis de Caraccioli seeks in this book to illuminate ceratines riddles of the Christian faith, to build the foundations of a [...]

180 €

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First edition


Anti-contrat social, dans lequel on réfute d'une manière claire, utile et agréable les principes ...

Chez F. Staatman, à La Haye 1765, 11x18,5cm, (16) ij, 272pp., broché.

First Edition. Rare.Brochure gray era. A pale marginal wetness affecting most sheets and blankets dumb original gaps at the back. Many folded leaflets in coins.Ouvrage philosophical and political right, the book is a refutation of the work of Rousseau's social contract. The author shows you can not [...]

200 €

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Paul Henri Dietrich Baron d' HOLBACH

La contagion sacrée, ou histoire naturelle de la superstition. Ouvrage traduit de l'anglais

S.n., Londres [Amsterdam?] 1775, in-12 (10x17cm), 188pp. , 192pp., 2 tomes reliés en un volume.

New edition. The original date of 1768. Cardboard pink contemporary. Back smooth threads. Part of title in brown calf. Smear on boards and caps. Although the text was presented as a translation of Jean Trichard, the work is Baron d'Holbach. This story superstition is an indictment against the [...]

600 €

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First edition

Louis Pierre de LONGUE

Les princesses Malabares, ou le célibat philosophique

chez Tomas Franco., à Andrinople [Paris] 1734, in 12 (10,5x16,5cm), 201pp., relié.

First Edition. The book has also been attributed to Lenglet Dufresnoy and some Quesnel whose name is in the preface. See Peignot, Dictionary of condemned books Fire II, p. 53-54. Vintage cardboard. Back smooth threads. Part of title in black morocco. Utopia takes place in India, narrated by an [...]

500 €

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First edition

Melchior ADAM

Vitae germanorum philosophorum : qui seculo superiori, et quod excurrit, philosophicis ac ...

Impensis Jonae Rosae. Typis Johannis Lacelloti., Haidelbergae (Heidelberg) 1615, in 8 (19x12cm), (16) 526pp. (8)., relié.

First Edition. Brand of printer on the title page. Absent Brunet and Graesse. Full contemporary calf. Back tooled raised. Upper cap threadbare. A loss of the lower cap. Upper joint partially cracked. Lack endpapers with handmade paper. Life Germanic philosophers of the late fifteenth in 1614. The [...]

600 €

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First edition

Charles SOREL

Le Chemin de la fortune ou les bonnes règles de la vie pour acquérir des richesses en toute sorte ...

chez Jean Baptiste Loyson, à Paris 1663, in-12 (15x9cm), (16) 362pp., relié.

First Edition. Rare. A copy of the University Library Tours, absent the BN France and the British Library a copy in Edinburgh. Brunet does not mention this book in the works of Sorel. Full Sheepskin brown textured contemporary. Back tooled raised. Caps frayed, upper joint split third, corners [...]

750 €

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Lodovico DOLCE

Dialogo nel quale si ragion del modo di accrescere, & conservar la memoria

apresso Giambattista Sessa & fratelli, In Venetia (Venise) 1586, in-12 (15,3x10cm), 11ff., relié.

New edition after the original from 1562. Rare. Brunet II, 789. Edition italics illustrated twenty figures in and out of curious objects including text combining letters. A copy in the library of Manchester, we have found nothing in France and Germany. Vellum full time, smooth back and as long [...]

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