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First edition


Erreurs populaires sur la médecine

Chez l'auteur & Méquignon l'aîné, A Paris 1783, In-12 (10x17cm), (4) xxij (2) 465pp. (11), relié.

First edition.

Exemplary to the arms of Le Camus de Neville, Lord of Bourg-Charente, advisor to the Court of Aid, Director of the bookstore and printing, Intendant of Pau and Bayonne.
Binding full red morocco contemporary. Smooth back richly decorated. title label in red morocco. [...]

650 €

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First edition


De la generation de l'homme, ou tableau de l'amour conjugal

Chez Claude Joly, Cologne 1702, Fort in-12 (8,5x16cm), (48) 642pp. (30), relié.

New edition, illustrated with a portrait and 11 figures including 5 unfolding.
Binding in full brown calf ice time. Back with nerves richly adorned. title label in garnet morocco. A lack of the upper bit in the lead. A micro cut at the lower joint at the head. 3 blunt and bare corners. Figure 5 [...]

350 €

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First edition

John KEILL & Pierre Charles LEMONNIER

Institutions astronomiques, ou leçons élémentaires d'astronomie

Chez Hyppolyte-Louis Guerin, A Paris 1746, In-4 (20x26cm), (8) lxiv, 660pp., relié.

First edition
Binding full brown basement contemporary. Back with ornate nerves. title label of brown sheepskin. Upper joint tightly split largely. Lower joint open in tail and head. Rubbed and scratched boards, with some gaps. Corners very dull and trimmed, bare. Scattered bites.

800 €

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Jean Sylvain BAILLY

Histoire de l'astronomie moderne depuis la fondation de l'école d'Alexandrie, jusqu'à l'époque ...

Chez De Bure fils aîné, A Paris 1781 - 1785, In-4 (20x25,7cm), xvj, 728pp. (13Pl.) et 751pp. (5Pl.) et (4) 415pp., 4 volumes reliés.

Second edition.
Binding full marbled and glossy brown calfskin. Back with ornate nerves. title label in red morocco, piece of tomaison in red morocco. Upper joint of volume I split in the lead. A hitch with lack on the lower joint at the level of the first box. Upper joint of volume II closely [...]

1 800 €

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De romanis piscibus libellus, doctus, copiosus & elegans, iam recens aeditus

Per Ioannem Grapheum, Antverpiae [Anvers] 1528, Pet. in-8 (10x15,5cm), a-h8 (126p), relié.

New edition, after the first edition of 1524 in Rome.
Modern binding in full parchment with bradel. Smooth back mute. Title sheet with small gaps on the external margin, same for the last page. Yellowed paper. Scattered foxing.

1 000 €

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First edition

Thomas THOMSON & André-Marie AMPERE

Systeme de chimie

Méquignon-Marvis, Paris 1818 - 1822, In-8 (13x20,5cm), xxvj, 638pp. et viij, 784pp. et vij (1) 727pp. et viij, 822pp. et

Second augmented French edition of a supplement volume in original which contains The expose of the new discoveries on the magnetism and the electricity of Ampère and Babinet and the Treaty of Fresnel light.
Binding half brown sheepskin contemporary. Smooth back decorated with 3 florets and [...]

700 €

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First edition

Jean-François DEMACHY

Elément de chymie, suivant les principes de Becker & de Stahl

Chez Siméon-Prosper Hardy, A Paris 1757, In-12 (10x17cm), xxiv, 526pp. et viij, 623pp. et viij, 599pp. et viij, 392pp.

First edition.
Binding full brown sheepskin marbled vintage. Back with ornate nerves. Title and volume pieces of beige sheepskin. Rubbed together. Flat headdresses. Estafilades on the boards. Blunt corners.

600 €

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Manuel de chymie

Chez Didot le jeune, A Paris 1763, In-12 (10x16,5cm), xvj, 501pp. (3), relié.

Mention second edition.
Binding full brown marbled sheepskin used vintage. Back with ornate nerves. title label in red morocco. Headdress trimmed. Tail cap partly missing. Upper joint split in the head and tail. Blunt corners, one broken and trimmed. Epidermures on the boards. Rubbed together. [...]

250 €

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