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First edition

Antonio Maria SPELTA

La sage folie de Spelte. Poëte & historiographe du roy d'Espagne. Traduite d'italien en françois ...

chez Claude Larjot., à Lyon 1628, in-12 (9x15cm), (24) 192pp. (12) , (8) 407pp. (1bc) (14)., deux parties reliées en un volume.

French Edition. The first edition of the Italian text is 1607. Illustrated with two allegorical frontispiece signed Gr Huret. Uncommon Edition. A copy of the BN France 1628, and another at the British Library. Nothing in French and English union catalogs. Vellum full time with flaps. Smooth back [...]

700 €

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Antoine de RIVAROL

De l'universalité de la langue française , discours qui a remporté le prix de l'Académie de ...

chez Bailly, Dessenne., à Berlin & se trouve à Paris 1784, in-8 (13,5x20cm), (2) 92pp., relié.

Second edition. Tchemerzine notes this as the first edition, published it in Berlin Decker. Tchemerzine IX, 403. Bound in vellum manuscript nineteenth back slightly yellowed head. The half-title page is missing. Treaty of the origin of the French language and its linguistic characteristics. Rivarol [...]

450 €

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First edition

Luis de OLOD

Tratado del Origen y Arte de Escribir Bien...

en la imprenta de Carlos Sapera., Barcelona 1768, in Folio (21x31cm), (10) 116pp. 25 pl., relié.

first edition (edition of 1766 is a fictional statement for 1770) illustrated 25 boards calligraphy, the last three are the different alphabets, Samaritan, Arabic ... well above the three boards are boards engraved (dècor capital letters). Note p. 40 great vignette representing an alphabet in a [...]

1 300 €

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First edition


Discours préliminaire au nouveau dictionnaire de la langue française. Première partie. De ...

chez Cocheris., à Paris 1797, in 4 (18,5x24cm), (4) XXXIV (2) 240pp. et (2) 62pp. (1)., relié.

First Edition. Two editions were published at the same time, the latter, and a second in Hamburg in Mowing. See Tchemerzine V, 409. The result of this preliminary disboard, as the famous dictionary, never emerge. The second text was published for the first time in Berlin in 1784 following this [...]

1 000 €

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First edition

Eilhard LUBIN

Clavis et fundamenta graeca linguae

Lodovico Elzevirium (Elzevir)., Amstelodami (Amsterdam) 1651, pet in-12 (13,5x8,5cm), (4) 448., relié.

First Edition. Illustrated with a frontispiece. Vellum full flap. Smooth back with title pen. Guards restarted. Important Greco-Latin dictionary. The German humanist E. Lubin (1565-1621) taught poetry at the University of Rostock from 1595 to 1605 before becoming a professor of theology art. [...]

380 €

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Commentarius de paenula. Accesfit Henrici Ernsti ejusdem argumenti epistola

apud Joannem Blaeu. Sumptibus D. Paulus, Hafniae (Copenhague) 1670, in-12 (15,5x9cm), (26) 120pp. et 3 pl., relié.

The first edition seems to be that in 1655 8 (hafniae). The Epistle of paenula Henricus Ernstus also appeared in 1655. We have not found any trace of this book in the online catalog of the Library of Denmark, several copies in the UK in 1697 a French catalogs. Brand of printer on the title page. [...]

600 €

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Zodiaci vitae, hoc est, de hominis vita, studio ac moribus optime instituendo, libri XII

apud Ioannem Tornaesium typogr, Regium, Lugduni (Lyon) 1559, in-16 (12x8cm), 366pp. -83., relié.

New edition after the original from 1531. Brunet IV, 317. Caillet, 7096. Title page in a frame engraved. Vellum full time flexible flap. Title (author) with black pen. Some annotation in red pen on the front page next to the title on the history of the book. Copy cropped short on some pages, [...]

600 €

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First edition


Lexicon hebraicum

typis seminari, Apud Joannem Manfrè, Patavii (Padoue) 1732, in-4 (24x18cm), (12) 652pp., relié.

First Edition. Vellum full time. Back to nerves. Hebrew title pen. 2 holes to tail. 2 snags with lack nerve of the third well and the upper joint of the fourth box. Latin Hebrew dictionary composed by Zanolini, professor of Oriental languages at the seminary in Padua. A very substantial index. [...]

800 €

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