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Signed book, First edition

Carnet personnel de Thierry Mugler contenant des dessins et aphorismes autographes originaux

Thierry MUGLER

Carnet personnel de Thierry Mugler contenant des dessins et aphorismes autographes originaux

s.d. (ca 2012), 15,5x21,5cm, relié.

Personal notebook of Manfred Thierry Mugler containing original autograph drawings and aphorisms.
n.d. (ca 2012), 15,5x21,5cm, black cloth binding.
Black cloth binding. A white star made by Mugler in corrector fluid on the first cover.

Fifteen pages of the notebook filled in by the fashion designer:
- The first page, in neon blue felt-tip pen, with the word "Yes" as and large exclamation mark ending with the iconic Mugler star.
- A double page with the word "white" enhanced with corrector fluid and in capital letters on a black felt-tip background, in orange the words "Indehain" (?) and "TRIBE" with a drawing depicting a sun, several notes in black ballpoint pen: "Aelino Rock-Elektro", "DJ", "Syath Choreographie".
- A double page with a wonderful drawing of a naked Black woman with voluminous pink hair, and on the left with a black ballpoint pen the words "Super NOVA MAMA" with star enhanced with purple marker.
- A double page with three lines in green, red, and purple markers: "- La Perle de l'Afrique... / RIEN QUI BOUGE !!! / Le chic des mains de Paris !"  [- The Pearl of Africa... / NOTHING THAT MOVES!!! / The chic of the hands of Paris!] The last exclamation point ends with a star.
- Several drawings of stars and perfume bottles sketches in pencil.
- A list of names in pencil, opposite some of them the letter "G" in blue marker, the mention "Kab" in red marker and a spiral in orange marker.
- A double page with a drawing of a perfume bottle and a planet with a phallus on it; above, several lines in blue, purple, orange, green and red markers with the following text: “Alice se perdit dans Brocéliande et se fit courser par le centaure ses dangereux attributs...Pauvre petite fille riche...Ce n'est pas le luxe qui va la sauver. Ombres d'arbres sous la lune "EN TRAVERS" CQFD... Testosterone et Belle et la Bête !!! Rugissement furieux de métal...Perforation du Tympan et l'Hymen...L'HISTOIRE DU MONDE !" [Alice got lost in Broceliande [a forest in Brittany] and was chased by the centaur Manfred...and his dangerous attributes...Poor little rich girl...It's not luxury that will save her. Shadows of trees under the moon "IN THE WAY" QED... Testosterone and innocence...Beauty and the Beast!!! Furious roar of metal...Tympanum and Hymen perforation...THE  HISTORY OF THE WORLD!]
- A double page in pencil with a sketch of a pole dancer with her head upside down in the left margin; with a text around it: "Strip Tease intello : laide, pas laide... Qui suis je ? Oui !... Je suis belle. Non ! Je suis laide... Regardez moi ! Non ne me regardez pas ! Voyez moi ! Aimez moi ! BAISE MOI !!! VAS T'EN ! Reviens. Folle... Pas folle... Grand Corps Malade ? Fabien" [Strip Tease nerd: ugly, not ugly... Who am I ? Yes !... I am beautiful. No! I am ugly... Look at me ! No don't look at me! Look at me! Love me! FUCK ME!!! GO AWAY! Come back. Crazy... Not crazy... Grand Corps Malade ? Fabien" [French singer Grand Corps Malade, whose real name is Fabien, wrote a song for the designer's music-hall show Mugler Follies]
- A pencil note: "Acte Vente Chelsea AT 92". Thierry Mugler sold his penthouse in New York's Chelsea neighborhood in 2012.
The personal archives of Manfred Thierry Mugler are exceedingly rare.

Clear pictures upon request

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Réf : 83423



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