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COLLECTIF Gil Blas, illustré hebdomadaire, du 1er janvier 1893 au 7 janvier 1894


Gil Blas, illustré hebdomadaire, du 1er janvier 1893 au 7 janvier 1894

Gil Blas, Paris 1893-1894, 27,5x41cm.

Originale.binding Edition half percaline olive boards handmade paper, corners bumped, scuffed cuts. Binding of époque.Chaque issue contains four pages well, some slight marginal tears not involving the text, as well as envelopes. An additional issue to subscribers at the end of volume.Contributions Guy de Maupassant ("The Mistress," "The Lock", "The Cursed Bread", "Boitelle", "Father", "Moonlight", " End of Love "(poem)," The Ornament "," This pig Morin "," On the waterfront "," A Tunis "), Stéphane Mallarmé (" Appearance "), Maurice Leblanc (" The Fortune Mr. Fouque "), Marcel Schwob (" The King in the Golden Mask, "" The Milesian "), Aristide Bruant (" Grelotteux "," Pus of bosses "," Respec'aux slash "), Charles Baudelaire (posthumous publication of "Sed non Satiata", "reversibility," "The Balcony", "Heaven scrambled", "The love of the lie," "The Water Jet", "Talk", "The Day of the Dead" "Don Juan in Hell"), Jean Richepin ("The Caress", "Buy my beautiful purple", "First start", "Floreal", "Romance of the poor", "Good Girls," "In the Flowers" "Ch'tiote", "Ballad of the prowler fields", "The Hat", "The cursed Death," "The Debt", "Goodbye", "The Petiots", "Departing", "miserable Christmas"), Paul Verlaine ("The Shell", "on mute", "Romance without words," "Wisdom," "On the grass", "A walk"), José Maria de Heredia ("The Bed"), Poe ( "The Cask of Amontillado" translation of Charles Baudelaire), Alphonse Allais ("reversibility," "the sprinkler"), Georges Courteline ("Lidoire", "Margot", "26", "Boubouroche", "The Pendulum" "Free of tie", "I do not care", "nice", "A sore throat"), Edmond and Jules de Goncourt ("Love in the eighteenth century"), Marcel Prévost ("Cousin Laura "), Victor Hugo (" Ave, dea, Moriturus salutat you! "), Théophile Gautier (posthumously published" A pink dress "), Alphonse Daudet (" The Harvest at the seaside "," Music in the Fields " ), Francois Coppe ("Red", "Brown"), Villiers de l'Isle-Adam ("The Torture by Hope"); drawings, Steinlen, Marcel Capy, William, and Belon Guydo among autres.Journal illustrated with numerous drawings in color and black and white, sometimes in full page or double page, as well as scores musicales.Gil Blas is a French weekly newspaper, founded by Auguste Dumont, which appeared November 19, 1879 to August 4, 1914, and very occasionally the 20 January 1921 to March 1940, during a contemporary from November 17, 1909, he was led by Henri de Noussanne and Stone Maroussein. Gil Blas wanted first literary. Large feathers all speaking in chronicles that were very successful: Guy de Maupassant (or Maufrigneuse) whose collaboration was the longest (1881-1888), Paul Arena, Emile Bergerat, Clovis Hugues Rene Maizeroy Jean Richepin etc. Equally important were the soap operas, signed by Emile Zola, Hector Malot, Théodore de Banville, and Octave Mirbeau particular. For its part, Maupassant published "A Life" (February-April 1883), "Bel Ami" (April-May 1885), "Mont-Oriol" (December 1886-jévrier 1887), etc. In addition to these chronic and these serials, Zola defended some of his works in the newspaper, through the "Letters to the Editor" (on "Dream," Nov. 8, 1888, on "The Human Beast", November 13, 1889). --- Please note that the translation in english is done automatically, we apologize if the formulas are inaccurate. Contact us for any information!

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