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First edition


Le gardien du tombeau

In Janus N°2, Paris Avril 1950, 14x19cm, broché.

First edition of the French translation of this new piece of Franz Kafka.Autres contributions WC Williams, A. Guerne, D. Mauroc, B. Brotman ... number shown a drawing of John Boullet.spine slightly thinned with a small lack in foot. --- Please note that the translation in english is done [...]

50 €

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First edition


L'Homme sans caractères in Mesures. N°1 de la première année.

Mesures & Adrienne Monnier, Paris 15 Janvier 1935, 18,5x24 cm, broché.

First edition of the translation of two chapters of The Man Without characters, one of 10 numbered copies on Holland paper paper with one big five Japon.Autres contributions: P. Claudel "Judith," Pushkin "La Demoiselle-Peasant" L. -P. Fiddle "Awakening", G. Manley Hopkins' poems and letters, [...]

230 €

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First edition


Europe N°561-562 : Jack London

Europe, Paris Janvier-Février 1976, 13,5x21,5cm, broché.

Originale.Contributions J. London edition with a unique translation of "The beloved master," P. Vaillant-Couturier A. France, June H., R. Asselineau "Jack London and Walt Whitman" F. Lacassin "Chronology Jack London "... Iconographie.Une tiny tear up a bit, a slight trace of angular bend at the top [...]

20 €

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First edition


Apparitions, récit fantastique

In La Revue des deux mondes N°63 de la vingt-sixième année, Paris 15 juin 1866, 16x25cm, broché.

Edition prepublication of Apparitions translated from Russian by Prosper Mérimée.Avec contributions Alphonse Esquiros, Prosper Mérimée, Paul-Émile Daurand-Forgues, Paul Perret, Anselme Payen, Gaston Boissier, Charles de Mazade, Henry heads split Delaborde.Mors and feet, small and marginal gaps [...]

80 €

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First edition


Numéro spécial Stéphane Mallarmé in Les Lettres, troisième année

Librairie les Lettres, Paris 1948, 14x22,5cm, broché.

first edition and original pre poems and letters Stéphane Mallarmé and a letter from Paul Valery.Avec studies Stéphane Mallarmé, Paul Valery, Albert Beguin, Joe Bousquet, Jean Starobinski ... Portrait Mallarmé by Pablo Picasso and unpublished quatrain Mery Laurent in off texte.Quelques lines [...]

40 €

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First edition


Le Château du diable in La nouvelle revue française N°306 de la vingt-septième année

nrf, Paris 1er mars 1939, 14x23cm, broché.

First Edition and original pre for the castle of the devil by Victor Hugo. Many contributions, including those of P.Claudel (Pope Pius XI), J.Benda (Dream Eleuthère I) J.Guéhenno (log homes) FP.Alibert (O brotherly lovers), Kierkegaard (the subjective thinker ) J.Giraudoux (choice elected, end), [...]

60 €

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First edition


Le Mur in La nouvelle revue française N°286 de la vingt-cinquième année

nrf, Paris 1er juillet 1937, 14x23cm, broché.

First Edition and the original pre Wall of Sartre. Many contributions, including those of P.Claudel (Stained Glass) J.Maritain (holy war) JP.Sartre (The Wall), Denis de Rougemont (Do not live in cities), J.Prévost (hunting morning V) .Some foxing on the cover otherwise good copy. --- Please note [...]

60 €

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First edition


M. U in La nouvelle revue française N°153 de la treizième année

nrf, Paris 1er Juin 1926, 14x23cm, broché.

First Edition and original pre UM Many contributions, including those of P.Claudel (Hangchow) Lacretelle (Spanish Letters), VALERY P. (Literature) P.Morand (Mr U.) V.Larbaud (Entertainment philological) H.Pourrat (bad boy IV) Some foxing on the cover otherwise good copy. --- Please note that [...]

30 €

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