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Modiano and the Nobel PrizeModiano and the Nobel Prize
[Editorial] Modiano receives his Nobel Prize and honored the great authors
08 Décembre 2014

The "Proust of our time", in the words of the Academy, emphasizes the role of "seeing" and "visionary" of a writer.

It refers to the greatest writers, French and foreign.

Actualité The Art of Love in the Time of geishasActualité The Art of Love in the Time of geishas
The Art of Love in the Time of geishas
03 Décembre 2014

... Or banned masterpieces of Japanese art,
in the Pinacoteca of Paris,
November 06, 2014 to February 15, 2015

First editions and rare antique booksFirst editions and rare antique books
Modern & antique books to taste
01 Décembre 2014

For Christmas, the Feu Follet invites to his table some literary friendships:
Daudet and Zola, Vigny and Sainte-Beuve, Cendrars and t'Serstevens, Sévigné and her daughter, Camus and Blanchot, Malraux and Sagan, Eluard and Renéville ...
And some literal loves:
Psyche and Cupid, Alain-Fournier and Simone Renee Vivien and Jeanne Belluno, Victor Hugo and his cook ...!

Antique books precious booksAntique books precious books
Our wall of old books, rare books and valuable
30 Novembre 2014

More than 1500 references of ancient books. An old book is a book that dates from before 1800, as opposed to "modern book" which is a collection of books dating from after 1800.

Best christmas giftsBest christmas gifts
Fantastic, wonderful gifts ... just.
28 Novembre 2014

At Christmas you stand out!

Offer unique old books
fantastic and classic ...

Alain-Fournier and his loversAlain-Fournier and his lovers
Alain-Fournier and his tumultuous relationship with Pauline Casimir-Perier
28 Novembre 2014

"Yvonne and Simone are the two sides of this unique world [that of Wanderer] where the real and the dream clash, exchange their prestige, are emerging from the mist fatal passwords, dazzling sesame to translate to closer to what happens between the mortal and the immortal "

Old books in December 2014 - Catalog Le Feu FolletOld books in December 2014 - Catalog Le Feu Follet
Catalogue - Books December 2013
27 Novembre 2014

And some great wines to accompany: Duhamel du Monceau 1768 (Treaty of fruit trees) Boursier du Coudray 1769 (abbreviated to accouchemens) La Fontaine 1762 edition of the Farmers-General with figures veiled and unveiled morocco dress to arms

Modern books in December 2014 Le Feu FolletModern books in December 2014 Le Feu Follet
Catalogue - Modern books in December 2014
27 Novembre 2014

On the menu: Autographs vintage, head Binders, Dozen head of prints, served by Sartre, Cendrars, Gracq, Céline, Proust, Verlaine, Gary, Borges, Balzac, Leblanc, Chateaubriand, Weiss, Rilke ...

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