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Actualité The brand new Feu Follet's website!Actualité The brand new Feu Follet's website!
The brand new Feu Follet's website!
01 Juillet 2014

Librairie Le Feu Follet is pleased to present you the new version of its website
We tried to combine the atmosphere of our Parisian bookstore and the energy of international web, the pleasure of "hunting" and the effectiveness of the research. Guidance of the bookseller and freedom of Internet.
Click on the image to overview the new site in detail...

Actualité Do not MissActualité Do not Miss
Do not Miss
01 Juillet 2014

The library remains open throughout the holidays!

We welcome you from Monday to Friday from 11h to 19h.

And if it is you who go, stay tuned ...

Actualité Focus on Roland GarrosActualité Focus on Roland Garros
Focus on Roland Garros
28 Juin 2014

Focus on Roland Garros By Yves Saint-Yves' Roland Garros, a pioneer among many others ... "

Actualité Memory exhibition at Ars Gallery New AthensActualité Memory exhibition at Ars Gallery New Athens
Memory exhibition at Ars Gallery New Athens
27 Juin 2014

ARS MEMORIAE OF 27 JUNE 17 July 2014 For the first exhibition in Paris, Daniel Clauzier proposes a dialogue between his photographic works, made between 2003 and 2014, and the works of the nineteenth century gallery New Athens. Out of their sets and their usual presentations, photographs and objects confront the works of the past in an attempt to highlight the passage of time, lost innocence, the question of art and representation. The idea of ??an imaginary museum, a place of memory and recollection, images move back and forth from photography to painting, from past to present, the great history with personal history, Renaissance Conceptual Art.

e-Livre Tea is it more harm than good?e-Livre Tea is it more harm than good?
Tea is it more harm than good?
26 Juin 2014

Tea is it more harm than good? or analytical history of the plant and how to replace it with advantage. Charles Louis Cadet Gassicourt 1808 In the form book to print and fold yourself ...

Actualité Life is beyle by Stephane GueganActualité Life is beyle by Stephane Guegan
Life is beyle by Stephane Guegan
19 Juin 2014

An article on recent publications on Stendhal. The "happy few" rejoice, their happiness is now total. With his third book just closed the Pléiade edition of Stendhal complètesde fiction works, including Philippe Berthier, impeccable and spiritual beyliste is the principal architect. Obeying a strict chronology, a principle which would have delighted the novelist so attentive to the movement of manners and taste, the ultimate volume includes writings subsequent to the Memoirs of a tourist. Published in June 1838 in a strange way, then, the book was trying to popularize the travel itself, and he applied an English chic, but traditionally reserved for exploration land and Italian beauties word. The exoticism, he reminded his readers increasingly numerous case was less than elsewhere pace, distance than absence. Six months later, after another trip, [...]

Actualité Focus on Albert Camus and Rene LeynaudActualité Focus on Albert Camus and Rene Leynaud
Focus on Albert Camus and Rene Leynaud
19 Juin 2014

Sending Camus René Leynaud on the first edition of The Stranger: "This story of another world, but at least there friendship kept its place." This first edition of The Stranger was pulled to 4400 copies 21 April 1942 and divided into eight fictitious "editions" of 550 copies, ours concerning the 5th edition mention. Camus, who was then living in Oran "received a copy - one for his author's copies were lost en route." (See Albert Camus H. Lottman). It was not until August 1942, upon his arrival in France, to cure his tuberculosis he could dedicate a few copies of the original edition. Are known to date only two or three copies of this edition with a contemporary autograph. Our copy, unknown until then, was offered by Camus René Leynaud symbolic figure of resistance and Lyon, until his tragic death, one of the most beautiful friendships of Albert Camus.

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