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Illustrated books from XVIIIth century

The illustrated books of the eighteenth century are among the finest achievements of History. "Age d'Or" of the illustration, the Enlightenment's century was also the one of the Artist's books: Coypel, Boucher, Eisen, Gravelot, Moreau, Oudry, Marillier, Fragonard, Prud’hon...

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First edition

Jean-Jacques ROUSSEAU

Emile ou de l'éducation

Jean Néaulme [Duchesne], La Haye [Paris] 1762, 4 volumes in-8 (12.5x20cm), (2) viij (2) 466pp. (5) et (4) 407pp. et

First edition, very rare, with all of the characteristics described by Mac Eachern (Bibliography of the Writings of Jean Jacques Rousseau to 1800, Émile, ou de l'éducation, Voltaire Foundation, 1989): page numbering printing errors (vol. 1: S8 in place of 88, 433 in place of 443, 46 in place of [...]

4 000 €

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First edition


Liberti Fabularum Aesopiarum Libri V

Ex typographiae Francisci Halmae, Amstelaedami (Amsterdam) 1701, In-4 (23x28,5cm), (31) 160pp. (84), relié.

1 title-frontispice engraved by Boutats. 1 title sticker. 6 vignettes of chapters. 9 illustrated captions. 32 cocks-of-lamp. 18 plates of 6 medallions engraved by Van Vianen.

350 €

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First edition

Charles EISEN

Nouveau recueil des troupes qui forment la garde et maison du roy

la veuve de F. Chereau, Paris 1756, In-Folio (33x43,5cm), 15f., relié.

First edition, very rare, illustrated First printing of a title etched by Le Bas and finished with the chisel by Fehrt after Eisen, and 13 military costume boards (11 by Eisen and 2 by De Rue), engraved by de Fehrt, Pitre, Ravenet, La Fosse and Chevillet. Epistle to the engraved king.
Binding [...]

1 200 €

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Oeuvres de Molière avec des remarques grammaticales; des avertissemens et des observations sur ...

Par la compagnie des libraires associés, Paris 1773, in 8 (13x20,5cm), (4) viij, 520pp. et (4) 576pp. et (4) 551pp. et

First printing of this very famous edition established by Bret. Illustrated book of the famous portrait of Molière engraved by Cathelin after Mignaud frontispiece of the first volume, 6 flagship titles and 33 very fine figures of Moreau Le Jeune. Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful editions of [...]

2 000 €

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First edition

Louis-Anathase de CRILLON

Mémoires philosophiques du Baron de ***

Chez Berton, A Vienne Et se trouve à Paris 1777 - 1778, In-8 (12,5x19,5cm), (2) 4pp. (2) 304pp. et 352pp., 2 volumes reliés.

First edition illustrated with a frontispiece and 3 inset figures engraved with aquatint, including a view of the interior of the famous café des philosophes, the Procope in Paris.

400 €

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First edition

Abbé de FAVRE

Les quatre heures de la toilette des dames, poëme érotique en quatre chants

Chez Jean-François Bastien, A Paris 1779, In-8 (16,5x24cm), xvj, 84pp., relié.

First edition deliciously illustrated with a frontispiece, a title sticker, 4 figures and 4 culs-de-lampe. The engravings by Leclerc on vellum with floral frames all show naked girls (Diane, Thetis, Europe ...). The whole book printed on vellum.
Binding full red morocco contemporary. Smooth [...]

850 €

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First edition

Giovanni Battista MASCOLO, Johann Wolfgang BAUMGARTNER [...]

Encomia Coelituum, Digesta Per Singulos Anni Dies, Una Cum Veterum Fastis, Recensibitus Victorias, ...

Vienne 1753-1755, in-12 (11x17,5cm), (24) 158 pp. et 159-324 pp. et 325-505 pp. et 506-677 pp., 4 volumes reliés.

First illustrated edition of 366 figures

2 000 €

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First edition

Pierre LE TOURNEUR, François Anne DAVID

Histoire d'Angleterre représentée par figures

Chez l'auteur, François Anne David, A Paris 1784 - 1800, In-4 (19,5x26,5cm), (4) 194pp. et (4) 211pp. et (4) 116pp., 3 volumes reliés.

First edition, very rare, augmented by a third volume published 16 years later, in 1800, and dedicated to wars in the colonies, Guadeloupe, Jamaica, Canada and the American war of independence. She is superbly illustrated with 111 hors-texte engraved figures engraved by François Anne DAVID after [...]

1 600 €

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