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Latin and greek writers

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First edition


Nouvelle traduction des Heroides d'Ovide

Chez Durand, A Paris 1763, In-8 (13,5x21,5cm), (2) IV, 189pp., relié.

Charmante édition illustrée d'un titre-frontispice, 21 vignettes par Zocchi gravées par Gregori et 14 cul-de-lampe par Gregori seul, dont 3 répétés.

400 €

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First edition


Les comédies de Terence

Chez Ant. Jombert, A Paris 1771, In-8 (13,5x21cm), xxiv, 591pp. (2) et (2) 512pp. (1) et (4) 485pp. (3), 3 volumes reliés.

First bilingual edition with French alongside Latin, in the new translation of Le Monnier. Illustrated with 7 inset figures including an allegorical frontispiece by Cochin engraved by Choffart, Rousseau, Saint-Aubin. Printing works of Louis Celot.
Binding in half red Russian leather with long [...]

650 €

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First edition


Idylles et odes anacréontiques

Poulet-Malassis & De Broise, Paris 1861, 12,5x19,5cm, relié.

First edition of the French translation prepared by Leconte de Lisle.
Binding in half red heartache, back with five nerves decorated with golden fillets and cold, traces of friction on the joints and on the edges, a little angular lack on the upper cap, preserved covers.
Some rare little foxinges.

60 €

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First edition


Gioie historiche, aggiunte alla prima [seconda] parte delle vite di Plutarco

Apresso appresso Gabriel Giolito de Ferrari, In Vinegia 1568, In-4 (14,5x21cm), (20) 268pp. ; (20) 121pp. (3) Sig : *4

New edition. Specific title page for the second part. Printer's mark on the title page. Pretty historiated drop caps, including that of Laocoon. Printing in italic and roman characters for the preliminaries.
Binding in full soft vellum of the 18th century with flaps. Smooth back. 2 title [...]

1 200 €

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First edition

Quintus Horatius Flaccus (dit) HORACE

Les oeuvres

Chez Toussainct Quinet, A Paris 1652 , Fort in-8 (11,5x17,5cm), (48) 523pp. (17) et (16) 679pp. (25), 2 volumes reliés.

First edition of the translation of Michel de Marolles, bilingual, French compared to the Latin version.
Binding in full soft vellum of time. Smooth back with title to the pen at the head. Soiling on the backs and boards. Several notebooks brought out in volume I, one in volume II. Good [...]

650 €

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First edition


Le theatre des Grecs

Chez Rollin & Jean-Baptiste Coignard, A Paris 1730, In-4 (19x25,5cm), (4) clxx, 403pp. ciij et (2) 737pp. (1) et (4)

first edition illustrated with an allegorical frontispiece by Cazes and engraved by Tardieu, a title vignette by Humblot, and 4 repeated title bands of the same, and a folding map of ancient Greece.
Binding in full brown contemporary sheepskin.

900 €

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Itinerarium provinciarum Antonini Augusti

Simon Vincent, Lyon 1560 (S.d), In-12 (9x15,5cm), 206pp. (1), relié.

first edition. In fine: Lugduni, exc. Mathias Bonhomme. Publisher's mark on the title page. Printer's mark on the last sheet.

Binding in full contemporary parchment. Smooth back with title to blured pen. Folds on the bottom dish.

450 €

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First edition


Odysseae Homeri libri XXIII. Raphaele Regio Volaterrano interprete [Ensemble] Quinti Calabri de ...

Seb. Gryphium, Lyon 1541, In-8 (10,5x16,5cm), 391pp. (9) ; 271pp. (1), relié.

New edition
Binding in full red morocco ca early nineteenth. Smooth decorated back. title label in red morocco. cover paper ca 1800. Lower joint split at the head with missing 2 cm. Traces of friction. Beautiful copy.

1 200 €

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