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Latin and Greek writers

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Opera, quae sunt publici juris, omnia. Ad manuscriptos codices plures, nec-non ad editiones ...

Apud Guillelmum Desprez, Parisiis (Paris) 1684, in-4(19x25,5cm), (26) 672 119pp. (36), relié.

New edition, beautifully decorated headbands, cul-de-lamp and initials. Provided consider the mythographer Fulgentius and Bishop are well one person, this edition retains only the theological works of St. Fulgent. A very useful alphabetical index is at the end of ouvrage.Plein Calf time. Spine [...]

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First edition

Caius Plinius Caecilius Secundus (dit) PLINE LE JEUNE

Panegyrique de Trajan

Chez Antoine de Sommaville, à Paris 1638, in-4 (16,5x22,5cm), (28) 359pp., relié.

First edition of this translation of Pintail Ménardière. a thumbnail title to the effigy of the emperor (repeated after the preface). Velin full time. Smooth back with respect to red feather dimmed. Seam. This panegyric, we announced the first page of text, was given by Pliny the second before [...]

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Senecae tragediae cum notis Th. Farnabii

Daniel Elzevier, Amstelodami (Amsterdam) 1678, In 16 (6,5x12cm), 428pp., relié.

Elzévirienne edition of the tragedies of Seneca with notes much esteemed English grammarian Thomas Farnaby (or Farnabie). The first edition with notes Farnabie is that of London, 1613 Brunet V, 286 Illustrated as a frontispiece. Full morocco marine time. Back tooled raised the Grotesque (castors [...]

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First edition

Felix Marcus MINUCIUS

Octavius, Cum integris omnium Notis ac Commentariis, novâque Recensione Jacobi Ouzelii. Cujus et ...

Joannes Maire,, Leiden (Leyde) 1652, in 4 (15,5x20,5cm), 7 parties (XL), 44 , (II), 46 , 140 , 36 , 32 , 212, (48) ,56pp., relié.

Edition originale. Le texte de Minucius, Octavius, fut édité pour la première fois en 1560, mais non sous sa forme définitive donnée ici par Jacques Oisel. Très nombreuses citations et remarques en grec. Une grande vignette de titre signée Dalen. Page de titre rouge et noire.
Pleine [...]

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DE TOTA GRACIA LIBRI DECEM, quibus non solum urbium situs, locorumq[ue] interualla accuratè est ...

Per Ioannem Oporinum., Basilae (Bâle) 1550, in Folio (21,5x33,5cm), (12) 438pp. (50). Signatures: A6 a-z6 2A-N6 O4 P-S6., relié.

First edition of the famous translation of Abraham Loesher, the best edition and the most faithful according Keyboard. The Princeps of this text dates from 1516 edition, printed by Aldus in Venice, but according to Brunet (Iv, 454), although rare, it was made on a bad script and was performed [...]

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De bello civili, libri decem

apud Antonium Gryphium., Lugduni (Lyon) 1569, in 12 (8x12cm), 294pp. (39) (1bc)., relié.

New edition. The earliest edition published by Sebastianum Gryphium, in 8 we have found is that in 1539, owned by BN France. Italic print. Full contemporary calf. Back tooled raised florets, roulette cold tail and cap. Hot boards struck a central medallion with Renaissance motifs. Nets coaching. [...]

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Comédies de Plaute, traduites en françois par mademoiselle Le Fevre...

chez Deny Thierry et Claude Barbin., à Paris 1691, fort in 12 (15,5x9cm), trois tomes reliés en un volume.

Comedies of Plautus, translated into French by Le Fevre miss, with remarks and a review under the rules of theater. New edition. Illustrated two headpieces. Misses the third frontispiece of Volume III replaced with a blank sheet. Full Sheepskin brown vintage. Back tooled raised. Title unreadable. [...]

200 €

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ERASME & Giovanni Battista EGNAZIO

Vitae caesarum quarum scriptores hi Suetonius Tranquillus, Dion Cassius, Aelius Spartianus, Iulius ...

Froben, Basilae (Bâle) 1546, in-folio (33x22,5cm), (20) 810pp. -70., relié.

Colophon: Basileae per Hieronymvm Frobenivm and Nic. Episcopvm mense Septembri, MDXLVI. First edition. Adorned with many historiated initials. Brand of printer on the title page and the back of the last page. Absent the French catalogs, but this in English catalogs, 2 copies in Germany GBV (union [...]

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