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Maurice BLANCHOT (James JOYCE) Le premier roman de Joyce. Manuscrit autographe et tapuscrit complets

Maurice BLANCHOT (James JOYCE)

Le premier roman de Joyce. Manuscrit autographe et tapuscrit complets

S.n. (Journal des débats), s.l. (Paris) s.d. (1944), 1 feuillet in-8 (21 x 13,4 cm) et ½ feuillet in-8 (10,4 x 13,4 cm) paginés et 2 feuillets in-4 (26,8 x 20,9 cm) foliotés .

(JOYCE James) BLANCHOT Maurice. Le premier roman de Joyce. Complete autograph manuscript and complete typescript
N. n. [Journal des débats], n. p. [Paris] n. d. [1944], 1 leave in-8 (21 x 13,4 cm)
and ½ leave in-8 (10,4 x 13,4 cm) and 2 leaves in-4 (26,8 x 20,9 cm) numbered
Author's autograph manuscript, two and a half pages, 8vo, published in the Journal des Débats on 18 May 1944.
Full manuscript, written both sides, densely spaced, with a number of erasures, corrections and additions.
With the complete typescript.
A review on the occasion of the republication of Joyce's Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.
For Maurice Blanchot, James Joyce was one of the writers, along with the Marquis de Sade, Herman Melville, Fyodor Dostoyevsky and William Faulkner, who "had given non-sense the hallmark of an art reasonably coupled to the absurd" (Faux Pas, p. 68). He was also one of the writers for whom literature was the experience of the creation of a cosmic order.
The re-publication of Joyce's first novel, Portrait, was in Blanchot's eyes a way of illuminating the later masterpieces, Ulysses and Finnegan's Wake. It was also the "magical portrait" of Joyce. "A magical portrait creates the being it unveils. It gives communal experiences an individual and extraordinary meaning. It describes real circumstances not for their historical truth but for the myths they engender. Through everyday events, we see emerge a figure that takes shape thanks to its radiant meaning. We are not watching the construction of someone's personality, technically speaking: character traits are only the momentary expressions of events in the universal order, timeless motifs that coincide with a life. They bring together those figures that sketch the constellations in the sky; but which - before taking form - are shimmers, streaks of light, fiery bodies".
A unique monograph by Maurice Blanchot on James Joyce, one of the contemporary writers he admired most deeply. 


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