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Specialising in antiquarian, rare, and inscribed books

Feu Follet Antiquarian Books (La Librairie Ancienne le Feu Follet) brings together a wide range of hard to find, valuable rare books, including incunables, manuscripts, limited first editions, fine bindings, inscribed books and autographs.

Over 25,000 books in all the fields of knowledge: literature, science, history, art, esoterica, philosophy, travel, and more. Our books are searchable by field of interest.

We also give expert advice and buy rare books – from a single volume to a set or even an entire collection. 

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Art gallery - The Gazette: News about Antique books and the bookshop

Léon Walras, founding father of neo-classical economics: resurfaced trove of archives

Exceptional collection of autographed and printed archives - the last in private hands - belonging [...]

Heureux qui comme Léry

Heureux qui comme Léry, a fait un beau voyage, Et au contraire de cestuy-là, a conquis les [...]

Le "Giotto africain" : Kalifala Sidibé

C'était un opuscule de quelques pages, sans date ni éditeur. Il trainait au milieu de journaux et [...]

Enquête sur un ensemble inédit de travaux d'épigraphie égyptienne par l'égyptologue Auguste Baillet

Pierre de Rosette, décret d'Alexandrie, décret de Canope, décret de Memphis, tablettes de Tell [...]

S.C.U.M., un feu d'artifice d'obscénité et d'extrémisme rigolard de Valerie Solanas

« L'admission de la femme à l'égalité parfaite serait la marque la plus sûre de la [...]

Thomas le Solitaire, le manuscrit mythique de Maurice Blanchot

En 2022, paraissait Thomas le Solitaire, le premier roman de Maurice Blanchot, grace au manuscrit [...]

Balzac's ideas on papermaking

In a dialogue from Lost Illusions, Honoré de Balzac gives "information that will not be out of [...]

The Gazette du bon ton

The Gazette du bon ton was an important step in the history of fashion. Combining aesthetic demands [...]

The Archives of Chevalier Louis de Sade

Join us in a deep dive into the holistic thought of the Marquis de Sade's cousin who embraced all [...]

Felice Beato: A final and moving tribute to the end of a world hitherto unknown to the majority of Westerners

Felice Beato (1833-1908) arrived in Japan in 1863, at the invitation of his friend Charles Wirgman [...]

Focus on an autograph letter of Baudelaire to his mother

Autograph letter signed addressed to his mother by a fading Baudelaire: “L'état de dégoût où [...]

Focus on History of my life, George Sand

Very rare and sought-after first edition of one of the most important autobiographical works in the [...]

Camus & Feraoun : parce que c'étaient eux

"You are the only Algerian writer to have thought that this news, the importance of which I do not [...]

Focus on an original photograph of Pablo Picasso at the Casa di Marco Lucrezio, Pompeii spring 1917

Original photograph, likely unique and unpublished, of Pablo Picasso at the Casa di Marco Lucrezio, [...]

Letters of a Lover | Delacroix's Julie is the new Heloise

A young romantic painter, a libertine wife, a workshop with the scent of an alcove, the nicknames [...]

Baudelaire & Hugo: the story of this tempestuous meeting between the Albatross and the Ocean Man

Two years after The Flowers of Evil, Baudelaire confidentially published a "literary notice" on [...]

Les plaisirs et les jours

First edition on ordinary paper, illustrated with drawings by Madeleine Lemaire including 14 inset, [...]

Freud sans complexe

Taken in May 1938, this unpublished portrait has been printed only after WWII when the negatives of [...]

Clarification on Victor Hugo's Les misérables first edition

The question of the prevalence of one edition over the other, between the two first edition [...]

Leon Bollack - The French language by 2003

"Unless we assume that civilization suddenly stops, no one can say that our language will not [...]

The omelette. Tartine literary critic and nourishing

". Omelet Tartine literary critic and nourishing" written by "Whoever" and published in 1868 by [...]

Arago: Curious trip around the world

Without the letter "A" ...

The real inventors of pâté de foie gras. 1909

Illustrated with two reproductions of portraits of the inventors of foie gras: NF Dean & JP [...]

Tea is it more harm than good?

Tea is it more harm than good? or analytical history of the plant and how to replace it with [...]

Belgian infringement

With a unique introduction by Alexia Kalantzis

Bassereau, The Republic of Andorra

Published in Andorra, 1889 12x19cm, paperback.

10 Juin 2024


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