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First edition

Claude Joseph ROUGET DE L'ISLE

Essais en vers et en prose

De l'Imprimerie de P. Didot l'Aîné, Paris An V de la République, 1796, 11x18,5cm, (4) 157 pp. ; 5 pp., broché.

First edition illustrated with an engraving inset engraved by Charles-Etienne Gaucher after Jean-Jacques Le Barbier and 4 pages of score engraved at the end of the volume. The Marseillaise appears in its real first edition, having been the subject of a pre-publication in The Almanac of [...]

1 500 €

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First edition, Signed book


Odes républicaines au peuple français, composées en Brumaire, l'an II

De L'imprimerie des lois, A Paris 1794 (An III), In-8 (13x20,2cm), (2) 50pp., relié.

First edition.

350 €

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First edition


Necrologe des plus célèbres défenseurs et confesseurs de la vérité, des dix-septieme & ...

S.n., S.l. 1760 - 1763, In-12 (10x17cm), lij, 330pp. (1) et xj (1) 456pp. et iv, 459pp. et (2) iv (24) liij-lxxvj 344pp., 4 volumes reliés.

First edition of these 4 volumes, the first 2 were published in 1760, the third in 1762, and the fourth in 1763. 4 frontispieces, including a view of Port-Royal Fields, an allegory depicting the fate of the Unigenitus bubble and Jesuits, a portrait of Quesnel, and 4 repeated title vignettes [...]

450 €

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First edition


Histoire du gouvernement de Venise

Chez Frederic Leonard, A Paris 1676, In-8 (12x19cm), (30) 398pp. (40), relié.

First edition.

Binding full sheepskin contemporary brown speckled. Back with ornate nerves. title label of brown sheepskin. restorations in caps, joints and corners. Traces of friction.

900 €

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First edition


Institutiones linguae hebraicae, item linguae syriacae Iesu-Christo vernaculae elementa prima

Apud Petrum de la Rouiere, Coloniae Allobrogum [Geneve] 1616, In-12 (10x17,5cm), (8) 234pp. (2bc.) 32pp., relié.

First edition
Binding full parchment contemporary. Smooth spine with feathered feather and illegible. A hitch with large lack on the back (1½ cm lozenge). Binding partially detached from the book. Good copy.

400 €

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First edition

Mélanie de BOILEAU

Cours élémentaire d'histoire universelle

J. G. Dentu, Paris 1809, in-12 (10x17,5cm), (6) vj, 324pp. (2) ; (4) 317pp. et (4) 319pp. ; (4) 312pp. et (4) 344pp. ;

First edition with a folding map frontispiece.
Copy to MS crowned number.
Binding full red morocco long grain vintage. Smooth back of a box to the grotesque riddled with central iron and 2 other caissons grotesque diamond, a final box carrying a central iron in a rhombus. Title and volume [...]

1 700 €

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First edition

Thomas THOMSON & André-Marie AMPERE

Systeme de chimie

Méquignon-Marvis, Paris 1818 - 1822, In-8 (13x20,5cm), xxvj, 638pp. et viij, 784pp. et vij (1) 727pp. et viij, 822pp. et

Second augmented French edition of a supplement volume in original which contains The expose of the new discoveries on the magnetism and the electricity of Ampère and Babinet and the Treaty of Fresnel light.
Binding half brown sheepskin contemporary. Smooth back decorated with 3 florets and [...]

700 €

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First edition


Senatus consulti de bacchanalibus sive aeneae vetustae tabulae Musei Caesarei Vindobonensis

Apud Felicem Muscam, Neapoli 1729, Pet. in-Folio (22x32cm), (4) iiij, 221pp. (1) 2Pl., relié.

First edition illustrated with a title vignette depicting a Roman bacchanal engraved by Picini and 2 large folding planks on strong paper engraved by Schmutzer, one with medals and a vase, the second being a fac simile of an epigraph on a bronze plaque, edict of the consul Quintus Marcius on the [...]

700 €

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