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First edition


Mémoire sur le danger des inhumations précipitées, & sur la nécessité d'un règlement, pour ...

Chez Pierre Elies, A Niort 1776, In-8 (13x20cm), 136pp. (1), relié.

First edition.
Binding half brown sheepskin contemporary vellum corners. Smooth back decorated with nets. A slight lack in mind. Rubbed together. Scattered foxing.

200 €

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First edition

Charles DARWIN

La descendance de l'homme et la sélection sexuelle

C. Reinwald, Paris 1872 - 1873, in-8 (14,5x23,5cm), 452pp. et 494pp., 2 volumes reliés.

First french edition, translated from the English by Moulinié. Foreword by Carl Vogt. 76 figures on wood in-text. In fine in volume I, 24 pages of catalog of the Reinwald bookstore.
Cartonnage of the publisher in green grained percaline, signed in tail Lenègre. Smooth back with roulette head [...]

1 000 €

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First edition

Thomas THOMSON & André-Marie AMPERE

Systeme de chimie

Méquignon-Marvis, Paris 1818 - 1822, In-8 (13x20,5cm), xxvj, 638pp. et viij, 784pp. et vij (1) 727pp. et viij, 822pp. et

Second augmented French edition of a supplement volume in original which contains The expose of the new discoveries on the magnetism and the electricity of Ampère and Babinet and the Treaty of Fresnel light.
Binding half brown sheepskin contemporary. Smooth back decorated with 3 florets and [...]

700 €

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First edition

Jean-François DEMACHY

Elément de chymie, suivant les principes de Becker & de Stahl

Chez Siméon-Prosper Hardy, A Paris 1757, In-12 (10x17cm), xxiv, 526pp. et viij, 623pp. et viij, 599pp. et viij, 392pp.

First edition.
Binding full brown sheepskin marbled vintage. Back with ornate nerves. Title and volume pieces of beige sheepskin. Rubbed together. Flat headdresses. Estafilades on the boards. Blunt corners.

600 €

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First edition

Pierre Joseph MACQUER

Elemens de chymie theorique

Chez Jean-Thomas Herissant, A Paris 1749, In-12 (10x17cm), xxiv, 336pp. (24), relié.

First edition illustrated with 4 folding boards in fine (instruments and tables of different elements).
Binding full brown sheepskin contemporary. Back with ornate nerves. title label in red morocco. A lack in mind. Very rubbed together. 2 blunt corners.

350 €

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First edition


Album de monogrammes historiques, chiffres, marques, lettres

Chez tous les libraires et papetiers, Paris 1872, 27,5x18cm, relié.

Illustrated edition of color reproduction of 294 monograms laminated with their identification opposite.
The collection of monograms is articulated around 8 axes: religious monograms; painters, sculptors and engravers; ceramic; publishers, printers and booksellers; emperors, kings and [...]

300 €

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Description et usage d'un cabinet de physique experimentale

Chez Gueffier, A Paris 1775, in 8 (12,5x20,3cm), xxiv, 342pp. 24Pl. et (4) 456pp. 28Pl., 2 volumes reliés.

First edition, illustrated with 51 folding plates (23 for volume I and 28 for the second, at the end of volumes) on hard paper.
Binding full brown sheepskin contemporary. Back to ornate nerve. title label in red morocco and tomaison in black morocco. Headdresses of Volume II removed. Grip of [...]

800 €

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First edition


Sphère planétaire. Notice astronomique

Chez Charles Dien, Paris 1842, 13x21cm, relié.

First edition of this pamphlet print to accompany the planetary sphere invented by the author, and which was sold at Charles Dien ..
Binding half brown sheepskin, discolored back with five nerves adorned with double cold boxes embellished, angles, golden floral motifs, gold frieze tail, title [...]

500 €

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