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Bindings of Colette and Jean-Paul Miguet - Belle of the Lord and others

Bindings of Colette and Jean-Paul Miguet - Belle of the Lord and othersBindings of Colette and Jean-Paul Miguet - Belle of the Lord and others
Colette and Jean-Paul Miguet, active between 1951 and 1981, are among the largest bookbinders the second half of the twentieth century. "Their productions range from the purest classic to the most modern original creation, without ever falling into the binding-object which for them is a heresy. (...) Boundless advocates of high quality book binding, these two craftsmen argue that the bookbinder must never betray the author in the design of a set, or, possibly, the illustrator, but must define graphics and colors that will interpret them best, and this, in a perfection of execution. (Julien Fléty, Dictionary of French Binders, 1988).

In 1994, the Wittockiana Library in Brussels devotes a retrospective exhibition of 99 bindings made by the famous couple on the greatest works of French literature.
Some beautiful copies in full morocco and / or mosaics linked by Colette and Jean-Paul Miguet

Albert COHEN Belle of the Lord. Gallimard, Paris 1968, 14.5 x 21.5 cm
First Edition, one of 55 numbered copies on vellum pure wire Lafuma-Navarre, only large paper print.

Bound in full morocco burgundy, smooth back, dishes decorated with a mosaic geometrical decoration composed of pieces of box wine lees and vellum burgundy varnished calf ending on the back, guards and contreplats of beige suede, all golden slices and golden head on witnesses, blankets and back preserved, shirt-case bordered in Bordeaux half-morocco, marble paper plates, burgundy and beige suede interior, elegant and beautiful binding signed by Colette and Jean-Paul Miguet.
The case made by two great masters of contemporary binding is undeniably the most beautiful of all. ( See full description )


Jean-Paul SARTRE The Wall. Gallimard, Paris 1939, 12x19cm, bound under shirt and case.

First edition, one of 40 numbered copies on pure vellum wire, head print.

Binding full box black, smooth back titrated cold to the Chinese dishes covered with a geometric perspective mosaic decoration of red, orange and burgundy box pieces, black box framing the contreplats, guards and contreplats burgundy suede, all slices gilded, blankets and back preserved, black half-box shirt with strips on pink old wooden paper, pink old paper case lined with black box, binding signed by C. and JP Miguet, 1985.

Very nice copy of the only collection of Sartre news beautifully drawn in a binding signed Miguet ( See full description ) .

Marcel PROUST In search of lost time.
Grasset for volume I & Gallimard for the following, Paris 1913-1927.

Original edition with all the features of first issue (first dish on the date of 1913, fault Grasset, in-fine editor catalog) for the first volume, original edition without mention for the second volume, original editions numbered on pure wire, only large papers with the reimposed for the following volumes.

Bindings in half red morocco with corners, back with five nerves set with gilt fillets adorned with black nets, golden dates in tails, frames of gilt fillets on marbled paper plates, guards and contreplats of handmade paper, blankets and back preserved , golden heads, elegant bindings by J.-P. Miguet (
See complete description )

Julien GREEN Journal. Plon, Paris 1938-1955.

Original editions, each one of 19 copies on Japan, ours one of the 7 out of trade marked HC, draw of head.
Binders with matching decorations, half brown box glossy bands, smooth backs with six boxes separated by golden nets and adorned with box chevrons white, cream, gray, glossy brown and ivory. The association of colors varies according to the volumes, stampings stamped with gold in foot of the backs, plates of kromekote paper light gray, covers and back preserved, golden slices on witness. Cases lined with iced brown box.

Very beautiful copies of one of the most important 20th century author's journals, central point of Julien Green's work, superbly linked in a coordinated way forming a remarkable ensemble by Jean-Paul Miguet. (
See full description )     

Edmond ROSTAND Cyrano of Bergerac. Charpentier & Fasquelle, Paris 1898.

First edition, one of the few copies of the deluxe edition printed on Japan and limited to 50 numbered copies and some nominative copies, ours reserved for the actress Mireille Corbé, head draw.
Bound in full morocco burgundy, back with five nerves set with gilded nets and adorned with triple golden boxes, date golden tail, black casters on the headdresses, framing of triple golden fillets on the dishes, guards and contreplats of lemon moiré silk, framing a golden net on the contreplats, blankets and back preserved, all golden slices, black nets on the cuts, case bordered with burgundy morocco, inside of white felt, plates of marbled paper, superb binding signed by C. & JP Miguet.

Rarissime and magnificent copy of the most popular play of the French theater head draw established in a perfect binding in full morocco signed Miguet. (
See full description )
Paul VERLAINE Maurice DENIS Wisdom. Ambroise Vollard, Paris 1911.

Illustrated edition of 72 original compositions (frames, chapter heads and lamp-ends) including 72 in color by Maurice Denis, one of 210 numbered copies on Holland.
Binding half morocco caramel bands, smooth back decorated with wavy arabesques edged with gray nets and mosaics pieces of morocco havana, lavallière, brown and cream, golden name of the illustrator tail, gray nets in frames of paper plates marbled, brown paper contreplats, covers and back preserved, golden head, case bordered of caramel morocco, marble paper plates, beige felt interior, binding signed Miguet.
Very nice copy of this important artist's book particularly representative of the Nabi period of Maurice Denis, "the one where its freshness of invention combines with a symbolist invoice to give a pure note of its own" (cf François Chapon, The Painter and the Book, 1870-1970, pp. 68-72.)
Beautiful copy of this important artist's book in an elegant Miguet mosaic binding. (
See complete description )

Albert CAMUS The fall. Gallimard, Paris 1956.
First edition, one of 35 numbered copies on Holland, head print.
Binding full morocco black Jansenist, smooth back, framing of a listel of cream calfskin on the backs lined with red nubuck, guards lined with red nubuck, blankets and back preserved, all golden slices, half morocco shirt with black bands, back smooth, interior lined with black nubuck, case trimmed with black morocco and white felt inside, superb set signed by JP Miguet.
Very nice copy perfectly established by JP Miguet. ( See full description )


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