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DESCRIPTION DE L'EGYPTE. Le Kaire [Le Caire]. Vue extérieure de la Mosquée de Touloun. (ETAT MODERNE, volume I, planche 29)

PROTAIN (delineavit) & BOUILLARD (sculpsit)

DESCRIPTION DE L'EGYPTE. Le Kaire [Le Caire]. Vue extérieure de la Mosquée de Touloun. (ETAT MODERNE, volume I, planche 29)

Imprimerie Impériale, Paris 1809-1829, 70,5x53,5cm, une feuille.

Original etching in plano, untrimmed, extracted from the'' Imperial Edition 'of the Description of Egypt or Collection of Observations and Research made in Egypt during the French expedition, published by order of His Majesty the Emperor Napoleon Grand. Conducted between 1802 and 1830 and published between 1809 and 1828, she was taken in 1000 copies available to institutions. Laid the watermark visible by transparency ancient and modern Egypt paper. This engraving shows a great view of the Tulun Mosque and its minaret in Cairo. The Ibn Tulun Mosque (named Ahmad Ibn Tulun) is the oldest mosque in the city that is in its original state and the oldest Islamic monument in the country. It is also the largest in terms of floor space. It is located near the Citadel of Saladin and the Mosque of Sultan Hassan. Its spiral minaret reminds Samarra. Its construction was ordered by Ahmad Ibn Tulun, the Abbasid governor of Egypt, who ruled the country virtually self-Way 868-884 According to historian Al Maqrizi, the construction of the building began in 876.; a registration date of the completion year 265 AH, that is to say, the year AD 879. Marginal tiny bites do not affect any of the board and without a hitch lack in upper left margin, otherwise excellent freshness and preservation. The monumental first edition of the Description of Egypt in 13 volumes contained 892 colored plates of which 72, including 9 volumes involved antiquity. Other volumes dealt with the Natural History and modern Egypt as Napoleon Bonaparte had brought with him a commission of scholars from all disciplines so that it was said, in his description was stored the richest museum of universe. This book was written in part by Baron Dominique Vivant Denon, before he is appointed Managing Director of the Louvre Museum Napoleon. More than 80 artists and 400 writers were hired for this huge project. The unusually large size boards necessitated the creation of a special press and a specific piece of furniture to keep them ...! --- Please note that the translation in english is done automatically, we apologize if the formulas are inaccurate. Contact us for any information!

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