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First edition


Il primo libro delle lettere di Nicolo Martelli

Nicolo Martelli, Fiorenza 1546, Pet. in-4 (13,5x19,5cm), 92ff. Sig : A-Z4 (Z4 bc.), relié.

First edition, very rare. Portrait of Nicolo Martelli in title page, on wood, in a medallion.
Binding ca 1820 in half hazelnut. Back with false nerves adorned with 5 cold irons and nets cold and hot. Eliminated headdress. Lower joint open at the top. Rubbed together. The two low corners folded [...]

1 400 €

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First edition

Marie Catherine Madame de VILLEDIEU & Jean léon Le [...]

Les avantures ou memoires de la vie d'Henriette-Sylvie de Moliere [Ensemble] Adition a la vie de ...

Chez Abraham L'Enclume, A Amsterdam 1733 - 1706, In-12 (9x16,5cm), (4) 508pp. ; (4) 67pp. (1), relié.

New edition. The second book of Grimarest on the life of Molière is in first edition.
Binding in full marbled brown sheepskin. Smooth back decorated. title label in red morocco. Missing in the lead. Friction in caps, bits, corners and borders.

350 €

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First edition


La princesse de Babilone [Ensemble] Le dîner du Comte de Boulainvilliers par Mr. St. Hiacinthe ...

S.n., Londres 1768 - 1765, In-12 (10x16cm), 144pp. ; (4) 60pp. ; 48pp., relié.

New edition
Binding full brown marbled vintage calf. Smooth back adorned with the grotesque. Three pieces of title in red morocco.

500 €

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First edition


Satyre Menippée de la Vertu du Catholicon d'Espagne ; Et de la tenüe des Estats de Paris

Chez Mathias Kerner, A Ratisbone 1664, In-12 (8x14cm), 336pp., relié.

Second edition by Kerner of this edition to the sphere that is added to the Elsevier collection. This second draw is characterized by the addition to the fourth sheet of 8 errata line. A folding plate of the procession of the League (which is missing in many copies).
Dutch binder in full vellum [...]

600 €

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First edition

François-Félix NOGARET & Antoine Joseph Nicolas de [...]

Le tribunal d'Apollon, ou jugement en dernier ressort de tous les auteurs vivans ; libelle ...

Chez Marchand, A Paris 1799 (An VIII), In-18 (8x13,5cm), xiv, 212pp. et (2) 236pp., relié.

First edition.
Binding full brown calf vintage. Smooth back decorated with 4 florets and wheels. Title and volume pieces in burgundy morocco. Roulette framing on the boards. Golden slices. Accident at the head of Volume II. 4 blunt corners. Absence of the false title to the second volume. Good [...]

200 €

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First edition


Kawanakajima gunkan (Batailles de l'île Kawanaka)

Sadahide 1860 (S.d), 12x18cm, 50 feuillets., broché.

First edition consisting of 50 illustrated sheets including many scenes on double page. The author of the text could not be identified.
Japanese binding in acordon. Title label with several gaps. Folds on the blue embossed cover.
The battles on Kawanaka Island took place in 1550-1560 [...]

700 €

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First edition


Le theatre anglois

S.n., AParis 1746, in-12 (9,5x16,8cm), (2) cxliij, 292pp. et (2) 502pp. et (2) xxvj, 540pp. et (2) 362pp. et (4) xij,

Very rare collection of all the English Theater established and translated by La Place. All volumes bear the address of London, but we know that the volumes have appeared indifferently to the false address of London or that of Paris (same typographic material). All eight volumes appeared [...]

1 300 €

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First edition


La belle allemande, ou les galanteries de Thérese

Chez F. B. Strinck, A Strasbourg 1776, Pet. in-8 (9,5x17cm), 155pp., relié.

New edition, after the first published in 1774. An allegorical frontispiece unsigned.
Binding full brown sheepskin marbled time. Smooth back decorated with 4 boxed florets. title label in garnet morocco. Triple framing net on the boards. Nice copy.

500 €

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