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First edition

Philippe-Auguste de Sainte-Foix, Chevalier d' ARCQ

Histoire générale des guerres. Tome premier contenant l'histoire de la Grande Arménie [...] Tome ...

Imprimerie royale, à Paris 1756 - 1758, In-4 (20x26cm), (6) vij-xij clxxvj, 372pp. et viij, 614pp., 2 volumes reliés.

first edition, rare, these two volumes published two years apart and whose result will never see the day.
Copy the arms of Louis XV hit on the boards, and the figure repeated on the back, a symbol that certifies the origin of the Royal Library in Versailles. Louis XV had a very large library [...]

3 800 €

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First edition

Jules CABART DE VILLERMONT (George Gordon BYRON dit)

Histoire de la conqueste du royaume de Jerusalem sur les chrestiens par Saladin. Traduite d’un ...

Chez Gervais Clouzier, à Paris 1678, in-12 (9x15?5cm), (12) 353pp. (3), relié.

original, unusual Edition. Citri the Watchtower is the translator of this book manuscript fourteenth attributed to Cabart of Villemont. The first edition is also and equally to the date 1679.
Bound in full red morocco of the late nineteenth signed Brany on the inside cover in gold letters. [...]

900 €

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First edition

Théophile de VIAU

Oeuvres de Théophile

Chez Nicolas Pepingué, à Paris 1662, in-12 (8x15cm), 239pp. (1bc.) ; 250pp., relié.

New edition. 3 separate parts with a general title page and 3 false securities. The second and third parts are to continue paging.
Bound in full red morocco late nineteenth signed Hardy on the inside cover in gold letters. Back with nerves Jansenist title, location and golden date. gilt edges. [...]

1 500 €

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First edition

Jean-Charles DELAFOSSE

Nouvelle iconologie historique ou attributs hieroglyphiques [...] Nieuwe historische beeldspraak of ...

by Cornelis Sebille Roos & Aren Fokke, Te Amsterdam 1790, in-folio (27x43cm), (4) 39pp. (1), relié.


2 500 €

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Heptameron français. Les nouvelles de Marguerite, Reine de Navarre

Chez la Nouvelle Société Typographique, Berne 1792, in-8, xlvij (1bc.) 275pp. et (4) 308pp. et (4) 250pp. (1), 3 volumes reliés.

New edition, illustrated with a frontispiece by Dunker and engraved by Eichler and repeated in three volumes entitled to French Heptaméron 73 figures by Freudeberg and engraved by Gutenberg, Halbou, Henriquez ... 72 and 72 vignettes cul-de-lamp by Dunker engraved by itself and Richter, Eichler. [...]

1 800 €

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Antoine François PREVOST D'EXILES (dit Abbé PREVOST)

Histoire du chevalier Des Grieux, et de Manon Lescaut

Aux dépens de La Compagnie, à Amsterdam 1753, petit in-12 (8,5x15,5cm), (4) 11p. (1) 302pp. et (4) 252pp., 2 volumes reliés.

New edition

1 000 €

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Daniel DEFOE

La vie et les avantures surprenantes de Robinson Crusoe

Chez E. Luzac junior, à Leyde 1754, in-12 (10x16,8cm), XIV, 629pp. et (2) VIII, 562pp. et XXX (2) 603pp., 3 volumes reliés.

fifth edition of mention. The illustration includes a fold-out map of Robinson's trips and 21 unsigned figures.
Binders full mottled calf and then frozen. Back with nerves decorated. as exhibits in beige morocco volume number of rooms with black wax. The volume numbers of volumes II and III [...]

1 200 €

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First edition

Claude Guillaume BOURDON DE SIGRAIS & [...]

Histoire des rats, pour servir a l'histoire universelle. [Ensemble] Dissertation sur la ...

S.n. & chez Jean Daniel Beman, à Ratopolis & àRotterdam 1738 - 1741, in-8 (13x21cm), (4) xvj, 140pp. (12) (4bc.) VIII, 204pp. (13), relié.

Second edition of the history of rats, possibly a reprint of the first published the previous year in 1737 and identical to it.
New edition under a different title Moncrif Cats, originally published in 1727 and illustrated in Figures 9 after Charles Antoine Coypel by [...]

1 500 €

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