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First edition


Plusieurs homelies de Iean Chrysostome, traduicte et françois par François Ioulet

Chez Abel Langelier, Paris 1601, In-12 (8x14,5cm), (6f.) 354ff.), relié.

First edition of François Joulet's translation. Printer's mark on the title page. The privilege is curiously from 1607, undoubtedly the edition is after the printing of the title page.
Binding in full icy vellum of time. Smooth back with pen title. Foxing. Dirty back.

250 €

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Histoire du lutheranisme

Chez Sebastien Marbre-Cramoisy, A Paris 1680, In-12 (9,5x17cm), (20) 437pp. (2) et (10) 393pp. (27), 2 volumes reliés.

Mention of second edition.

Binding in full speckled brown contemporary sheepskin. Ornate nerved back. Parts and title number of brown sheepskin. Headdress of volume 2 partially torn off. Cap of head of volume 2 skillfully restored. 2 gaps along the bottom gold of volume 2. Frictions. [...]

250 €

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First edition


Les CL. pseaumes de David, mis en vers françois, par Philippes Desportes [Ensemble] Poesies ...

Par la veuve Mamert Patisson, A Paris 1603, In-16 (8x13cm), (4f.) 168ff. (8f.) ; 15ff. (1f.), relié.

first edition. The title page of Les Poesies chrestiennes dates from 1601. Publisher's marks in title pages.
Binding in half glazed calf wine-lined ca 1830 in the style of Thouvenin. Back to nerves decorated with 3 cold irons and casters. Golden title labels on calf. Marbled [...]

800 €

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First edition


Sermons pour les jeunes dames et les jeunes demoiselles

Chez les frères Estienne, A Paris 1778, In-12 (10x17cm), cv (1) 465pp. (3), relié.

Original French edition translated into the seventh English edition.
Binding in full marbled and glazed brown calf of the time. Smooth decorated back. title label in red morocco. Flared headdress. Upper joint split at the head on 5cm. Traces of friction. Good copy.
Scottish Protestant [...]

150 €

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First edition

Jacques-Bénigne BOSSUET

Discours sur l'histoire universelle pour expliquer la suite de la religion & les changemens des ...

Chez Sebastien Marbre-Cramoisy, A Paris 1681, In-4 (19,5x26,2cm), (2) 561pp. (7), relié.

First edition, adorned with the imprint of the printer on the title, a header representing time in the middle of ruins and holding the arms of the Dauphin, engraved by Jollain, as well as a drop cap and an ass -of unsigned lamp.
Copy with the arms of Guillaume-Claude de Laleu (1712-1775), [...]

850 €

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First edition

Maria Joseph Clement KAUKOL

Christlicher seelen-schaz ausserlesener gebetter

Chez L'auteur, S.l. [Bonn] 1729 (S.d), In-8 (12x17,8cm), 128f. (ni paginé ni folioté), relié.

First edition printed in calligraphic script, adorned with a title-frontispiece, a plate with a coat of arms, engraved titles, a few vignettes, banners, historiated initials ...
German binding in full vintage fir green morocco. Mute back with ornate nerves. Floral sheaves forming lace arranged [...]

450 €

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First edition

Charles-Joseph de TROYES

La philosophie de Descartes contraire à la foy catholique

En la boutique de Guy Caillou, A Paris 1682, In-12 (9,5x16,5cm), (24) 239pp., relié.

first edition. A title sticker.
Binding in full brown contemporary sheepskin. Ornate nerved back. title label of brown sheepskin. Restorations in caps and joints, as well as at the corners.

250 €

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First edition

Noël Etienne R.P. SANADON

Prieres et instructions chrétiennes

Chez Charles-Pierre Berton, A Paris 1778, In-12 (10,2x17,2cm), xij, 588pp., relié.

New edition.
Binding in full vintage red morocco. Ornate nerves back, tail and head caster. title label in red morocco. Triple framing net with angular finials. Inner caster. Golden slices.

200 €

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