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The French did not said its last word
19 Juillet 2014

A transmission time of high quality wringing the neck of the many misconceptions about the supposed decline of the French language by Julie Barlow and Jean-Benoît Nadeau, two "French" that expose us with talent and good humor history and prospects of the French language worldwide.

Actualité Focus on Roland GarrosActualité Focus on Roland Garros
Focus on Roland Garros
28 Juin 2014

Focus on Roland Garros By Yves Saint-Yves' Roland Garros, a pioneer among many others ... "

Actualité Focus on Albert Camus and Rene LeynaudActualité Focus on Albert Camus and Rene Leynaud
Focus on Albert Camus and Rene Leynaud
19 Juin 2014

Sending Camus René Leynaud on the first edition of The Stranger: "This story of another world, but at least there friendship kept its place." This first edition of The Stranger was pulled to 4400 copies 21 April 1942 and divided into eight fictitious "editions" of 550 copies, ours concerning the 5th edition mention. Camus, who was then living in Oran "received a copy - one for his author's copies were lost en route." (See Albert Camus H. Lottman). It was not until August 1942, upon his arrival in France, to cure his tuberculosis he could dedicate a few copies of the original edition. Are known to date only two or three copies of this edition with a contemporary autograph. Our copy, unknown until then, was offered by Camus René Leynaud symbolic figure of resistance and Lyon, until his tragic death, one of the most beautiful friendships of Albert Camus.

Actualité Isabelle EberhardtActualité Isabelle Eberhardt
Isabelle Eberhardt
04 Février 2014

In these times of incomprehension between Europe and the Muslim world, though the memory of Isabella could bring the two shores of the Mediterranean ...

Actualité Marcel Proust and beyond ...Actualité Marcel Proust and beyond ...
Marcel Proust and beyond ...
12 Novembre 2013

The Feu Follet invites a contemporary photographer to illustrate our week devoted to Proust. Picture "The time I found" © Fox Pan April 2013, Olympus model Bagatelle.

[SCUM Manifesto][SCUM Manifesto]
[SCUM Manifesto]
09 Mars 2000

SCUM Manifesto] S.C.U.M. : Society for Cutting Up Men. Manifesto by Valerie Solanas with a commentary by Paul Krassner

The Olympia Press, New York 1968, 10,5x18cm, broché.

[SCUM Manifesto] S.C.U.M. : Society for Cutting Up Men. Manifesto by Valerie Solanas with a commentary by Paul Krassner

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