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Mysticism, art & love <br> or the romantic soul of Franz LisztMysticism, art & love
or the romantic soul of Franz Liszt
Mysticism, art & love
or the romantic soul of Franz Liszt

06 Juin 2016

Under any apparent humility Franciscan Franz Liszt hid a lifelong attraction to sensuality, which removed him from religion.

He yet find at the end of his life by sharing paradoxically with the love of his life.

Camus & Char, a successful literary friendshipCamus & Char, a successful literary friendship
Camus & Char,
a fruitful literary friendship

05 Août 2015

Nothing seemed to destine the writer and journalist Algiers Provençal poet to meet, let alone appreciate.

Yet it is through their work that both artists discover and appreciate.

Milf death DubuffetMilf death Dubuffet
Milf's death
Jean Dubuffet

12 Mai 2015

On the occasion of the thirty of the death of Jean Dubuffet, the Feu Follet returns to the major influence on the surrealists thought Dubuffet and the emergence of Art Brut.

While Dubuffet deliberately "forgotten" its ties with surrealism, it is nevertheless one of the main heirs and successors.

Nietzsche et la question de la grande santéNietzsche et la question de la grande santé
Nietzschean News
05 Mars 2015

Gallimard today published Volume IV of the correspondence of Nietzsche, in the collection complete philosophical works.

We report on this occasion a seminar on "Nietzsche and the question of great health."

Robert Antelme - L'Espèce humaineRobert Antelme - L'Espèce humaine
Focus on the first edition of The Human Species.
27 Janvier 2015

"There is no human species, there is a human race. This is because we are men like them that the SS will ultimately powerless before us."
This testimony of Robert Antelme, Deported Resistance to Buchenwald to Dachau and then released thanks to the intervention of François Mitterrand, had not immediately impact it has today.

Alain-Fournier and his loversAlain-Fournier and his lovers
Alain-Fournier and his tumultuous relationship with Pauline Casimir-Perier
28 Novembre 2014

"Yvonne and Simone are the two sides of this unique world [that of Wanderer] where the real and the dream clash, exchange their prestige, are emerging from the mist fatal passwords, dazzling sesame to translate to closer to what happens between the mortal and the immortal "

Actualité Focus on ... Marcel Proust <br> and Baroness de PierrebourgActualité Focus on ... Marcel Proust
and Baroness de Pierrebourg
Focus on ... Marcel Proust
and Baroness de Pierrebourg

13 Octobre 2014

Baroness Margaret Harty Aimery Pierrebourg, wife and mistress letter of Paul Hervieu, ran a brilliant literary Salon.

Regularly frequented by Proust "Salon Avenue wood" was a melting pot of many psychological portraits Research.

Actualité Focus on ... Victor Hugo and Juliette DrouetActualité Focus on ... Victor Hugo and Juliette Drouet
Focus on ... Victor Hugo and Juliette Drouet
19 Septembre 2014

Or ... how the passion of Victor Hugo for his mistress reflected in the autograph items he addressed him intimately to his passion for the political struggles and the humanistic causes.

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