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The Feu Follet's Letter
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The Feu Follet's Letter

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Actualité Actualité

16 Décembre 2022

Discover the mythical selections of gifts from the Pantheon of Edition-Originale and offer your loved ones the thunder, the trident and the lyre...

Gifts of Luck and Leather – Le Feu Follet's [Christmas] Letter #16Gifts of Luck and Leather – Le Feu Follet's [Christmas] Letter #16
Gifts of Luck and Leather – Le Feu Follet's [Christmas] Letter #16
05 Décembre 2022

A Letter to Father Christmas…
And to Mommy Deerest.

What if the pleasure of writing started from that very first letter we sent to Santa as a child?  Just starting to read and write, we set out on our journeys as secret and passionate authors.

What if our fascination for the correspondence of writers and artists owed something to this precious memory, both intimate and common, of our own awakening to the art of writing letters?

What if all letters, written as friends or lovers were rewrites of this original missive, carefully thought, beautifully crafted, duly addressed, rigorously stamped and proudly posted to a bearded recipient from the North Pole...

To inaugurate this month devoted to Christmas lists and weekly suggestions for unique, personal, and precious gifts, Le Feu Follet pays tribute to beautiful letters by revealing the poetic secrets of a deeply melancholic and raw letter from a son exiled from his mother, but whose "mud" conceals the secret alchemy of Baudelairean "gold".

Le Feu Follet's Letter #15Le Feu Follet's Letter #15
Le Feu Follet's Letter #15
30 Novembre 2022

On April 3, 1862, Victor Hugo succeeded, from his English rock, in the feat of publishing simultaneously and in the four corners of the world the most important humanist novel of the century. However, even today, booksellers and bibliographers doubt the success of this tour de force and continue to quarrel over the precedence of one publication over another.

False testimonies (from Adèle), erroneous information (from gazettes), abusive interpretations (from bibliographers), failing memory (from Hugo) and disorderly precipitation (from Meurice and Vacquerie) against a background of exacerbated rivalry (between Lacroix and Pagnerre), the he Feu Follet investigation takes you through the twists and turns of an exceptional editorial adventure, the source of one of the most tenacious bibliographical misunderstandings, wrongly attributing precedence to the Belgian edition over the French and ignoring the real difference between the Lacroix and la Pagnerre: the text supplement.
Let's listen again to the voice of the master Hugo and his love for the animals that he mirrored to each character in Les Misérables: Valjean-Madeleine's good bear, Fantine the mouse, Cosette the lark and above all Javert, "this dog son of 'a female wolf "… offers you this week its literary bestiary.

Le Feu Follet's Letter n° 14  | A book & a madeleine...Le Feu Follet's Letter n° 14 | A book & a madeleine...
Le Feu Follet's Letter n° 14 | A book & a madeleine...
18 Novembre 2022

For this hundredth anniversary of the disappearance of Proust, the investigation of Le Feu Follet takes you to the side of Plaisirs et des Jours in search of a lost text by young Marcel, disguised as an obscure quotation on the copy of the painter Jean Béraud.

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